January 31, 2018

Think A Bit Differently to Power Creativity

By Jacki Lutz Head of Marketing and Communications – Global Aftermarket Schrader Performance Sensors a brand of Sensata Technologies ACC Vice-President Have you ever watched a witty commercial or seen a clever ad that is so perfectly memorable and informative that you sit there and wonder “how do they come up with these ideas?” and “why the heck can’t I?”. You might automatically envision a team of 20 people, in a colorful room, sitting in […]
January 1, 2018

Shop Level Brand Activation

By Brian Jungmann Automotive Communications Specialist SKF USA, Inc. ACC Board Member   A difficult part of marketing in today’s competitive and price-driven landscape is engaging the end user while staying competitive in the marketplace. The question will arise “How do I, as a marketer in the Automotive Aftermarket, stay top-of-mind with technicians, counter personnel, and shop owners?” Brand activation plays an integral part in gaining this advantage, but what are the best practices? By […]
December 12, 2017

Maximizing Media Relations

By Andrew Markel, Director of Content of TechGroup Mark Philips, Editor of Counterman Babcox Media Editors receive hundreds of press releases each week. How do they sort through and classify those releases that are most newsworthy? Editors apply many of the same practices that a daily news reporter would, because many have been daily beat reporters. At the most basic level, editors ask, is this news? Is it new? We then decide the potential effect […]
October 24, 2017

Trends for Marketers

By Kristin Libby Senior Marketing Communications Specialist DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. ACC Board Member The old adage still rings true – Content is King.  Most companies today are still trying to figure out a content marketing strategy for their business units. Mobile and native advertising are still the most widely used areas for most content marketing programs as consumer use is growing daily.  The key to it all will be staying consistent and […]