August 3, 2018

Applications and Trends in Digital Media Marketing

By Jake Spencer Marketing Communications Barolin & Spencer ACC Board Member   Ten years ago, it felt like we had reached a new high point in terms of marketing capabilities. SEO and SEM jumped onto the radar of online retailers and one of the most common phrases heard among younger generations was, ‘Add me on Facebook!’. Digital Media Marketing was quickly becoming THE most important facet in advertising, marketing, and sales activities for most companies. […]
May 28, 2018

Powerful Content Strategy

By Georgianne Dickey Senior Manager of Product and Marketing Communications NTN Bearing Corporation of America ACC Board Member Powerful Content Strategy. We all want one. We all need one if we are going to survive. Future leaders and consumers around the globe are hungry for content. From the time babies can hold a bottle, they are playing with their parent’s electronics. Message after message is delivered right to the palm of their hands whether they […]
March 13, 2018

Five Social Media Tips for the New Year

According to Forbes, social media is considered the single most effective way to reach audiences. People use social media for many different reasons; to express themselves, stay connected with friends and family and catch up on news and pop culture. With an extensive reach at your brand’s fingertips, establishing and managing a comprehensive social media program that follows today’s best practices is crucial for online success.   Establish a Goal The first step in social […]
January 31, 2018

Think A Bit Differently to Power Creativity

By Jacki Lutz Head of Marketing and Communications – Global Aftermarket Schrader Performance Sensors a brand of Sensata Technologies ACC Vice-President Have you ever watched a witty commercial or seen a clever ad that is so perfectly memorable and informative that you sit there and wonder “how do they come up with these ideas?” and “why the heck can’t I?”. You might automatically envision a team of 20 people, in a colorful room, sitting in […]