September 26, 2016

Making Data Relevant

By Brian Jungmann Automotive Communications Manager SKF USA Inc How tired are you of reading endless headlines or having your inbox fill up with topics regarding how much data is driving sales? Or if you aren’t using data your business could fail? It seems everything we do or touch these days is tracked and that data is driving the next move marketers want us to make. And if you don’t figure this out right now […]
September 19, 2016

Data Drives Dynamic Ads

by Al Haberstroh Chief Strategy Officer MontAd Media You’re running a digital ad campaign for head light capsules. Which creative message to a consumer do you think will generate better results? “See better at night” ” or “Your Fusion’s lights are dim”? The personalized ad will probably win. Ads with creative messages personalized to the specific people targeted are, on average, 3 times more effective then generalized ads. The process of deploying different ads to […]